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Before ANYONE joins the banner exchange they need two things. 

1. A url address -- is an example

2. A banner that is exactly 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high EXACTLY (we have some free ones at

If you don't know what either of these are or can't get a banner then you will need to hire a webmaster to use the exchange.

After a person clicks on the "JOIN NOW" link on your main page at (see figure #2 above) they will get another link that welcomes them with some text (which you can control in your admin area or just leave the default in tact) then they are asked to click on a button that says "BEGIN". When they click on the begin button they are shown some terms and conditions which they are expected to read then click on a button called "accept". If they don't like the conditions (just some legal mumbo jumbo) they can decline to place their banner. Most likely they will click on the "accept" button at which time they are taken to a screen that looks like this:

Figure #1

First Name/Middle Initial
Last Name
E-mail Address

Company Name
(if any)
Confirm Password
Site URL
Site Description
Site Type
Display my banners on:
Show the following on my site:
Information Update:

Here is where they are asked for account information, a password, site url, description, type of site, where they would like their banner to display and if they would like to receive Worldprofit's Traffic Tips newsletter.

What's important on this screen? Well, they should know their account info, type of site and all the other stuff but they may have trouble with the url. A url looks like this: or or

These are what we call base urls. If someone enters it is not a base url and will not be accepted by they system. Why? The .htm represents a page url and not a base url. Simply put, since they can have up to three banners under one account and one account is allowed one base url you can see that a .htm cold not then be followed by anything else for the other two banners like this or

Neither of these urls will work. The .htm at the end makes the url terminate and is therefore NOT considered a base url. If you don't understand this then don't worry, just remember the url must not have a .htm or .html at the end.

Let's say your visitor enters for now.

The next screen will assign a user account number and ask your new banner exchange client to classify their banner further. Some of the classifications are:

Business & Economy
Computers and Internet
Education and Training
Free Stuff
News and Current Events
Recreation and Leisure
Shopping and Services

They are then asked for sub categories and taken to a page like this:

Figure #2

You have now completed the setup of your account.

Proceed to the banner placement page for details on uploading your banner.

Name George Kosch
Account ID 23134-12253
Company Worldprofit
Banners Allowed 3
Credits 0
Credits Used 0
Account Created Saturday, October 16, 1999
Site Description a great site
Account Created Saturday, October 16, 1999
Category 1 Shopping and Services - Bargains
Site Type General Interest
Display my banners on All sites
Show on my site All banners
Information Update Traffic Tips Newsletter

Here we see a summary of what we just entered into the system to join the exchange. We are now officially in the system with an account number. Most people will think they are done now and leave the site. They will forget to read the "Proceed to the banner placement page for details on uploading your banner." at the top of the page. Tip: if you find out that your client hasn't put a banner into the system just have them visit and click on the "members" link along the left side. It will take them back to the next screen which we can see below: 

Figure #3

Use this code to display bannners (468W x 60H) on your site. Read our banner placement FAQ regarding code placement and potential bonuses your site may receive.

Create a new banner listing.

Finally we are at the coup de gras of this whole thing! Two things need to happen here and may be considered the most important part of your journey to join the exchange. 

1. The banner code

<!----- Banner Exchange Code (BANNER) ----->
<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60" ISMAP BORDER="0" ALT="World Banner Exchange Banner"></A><BR>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_top"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="1" HEIGHT="20" ISMAP BORDER="0" ALT="World Banner Exchange Banner"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="467" HEIGHT="20" BORDER="0" ALT="World Banner Exchange Banner"></A></TD></TABLE>
<!----- End Banner Exchange Code ----->

This comes out of the box you see above and must be copied by the new banner exchange member and placed on their web site after they load a banner into the system. They should place this code on any page at their web site that gets traffic. The more traffic or hits to the page they place this code on the better. When their page is called up by a visitor to their page it will display Figure #1 like above but YOUR strip banner will show up.

2. Clicking on the "New Banner" button at the bottom of the page

This button will lead to a banner upload sequence that starts like this:

Enter the URL (i.e. that you want people to reach when clicking on your banner.
This is the URL that people will be sent to when clicking on your banner.

Note that new banner images will be placed on the PENDING list. While a banner is PENDING, it will not be displayed on other sites until approved by our content assurance team. You will still collect credits for displaying banners on your site, however.

PENDING banner listings will be reviewed within 1 business day.

The client is now asked for a url (notice how the base url is showing) ending which should end in .htm or .html. You should now see the significance of why before you couldn't enter a base url ending in .htm. That is because you are NOW asked for that ending. This is the url that people will get taken to when they click on your client's banner. 

Once this url ending is added they will click on the "proceed to upload" button which goes here:

Figure #4


Direct Upload: use this method if you want to upload your banner from your computer (if you do not see a BROWSE button, your browser does not support this feature).

Retrieve: use this method to retrieve your banner from an existing web site. The URL should end with the name of your banner (i.e. mybanner.gif).

Remember the following when creating your banner:
  1. The banner dimensions must be 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high
  2. Banner file size is restricted to a maximum of 10K
  3. Your banner cannot have a transparent background
  4. Your banner must be in GIF or JPEG image format. As a general rule, use GIF for images that consist mainly of text and illustrations or are animated, and use JPEG for images that consist mainly of photographs or true-color images. If you need further information, refer to our banner FAQ

This is the final step in the process of adding a banner to their account. Notice the url above we entered which is the main page of Worldprofit.

Aside: I should place the banner code from step 1 on that page to complete the code part of the process. I could place the code on more than one page. The system doesn't care where you place the code, just place it.

People can take the banner off their hard drive or from their web site. Both methods of loading a banner are supported by the exchange system. A few notes appear at the bottom to confirm banner size and some limits on the file size. There is a Frequently Asked Questions link at the very bottom to help them out if they are not clear on these things.

The biggest error we find here is that people either don't know what a banner is or they don't know how to get one the right size. Worldprofit has supplied some free banners for anyone to use at so if a client needs a banner they can use one of these at no charge.


For more information log into your account at and click on the HELP button.