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You will need to do two things in order to successfully participate in the Banner 
Exchange. First you will need to add an HTML code to your website. Second, you will need
to upload your banners. 

The following email is divided into the following sections:
	Section 1: Base URL Submission - something to remember before joining
	Section 2 : HTML Submission
	Section 3 : Banner Upload
	Section 4 : Banner Specifications


1. Base URL (Site URL) Submission
Upon joining you are asked to enter a "Site URL" for your account. This site URL is for
the purposes of account identification. It also serves the purpose of being the root 
(base URL) entry in which your banners (that you upload to our server) will link to. 
For example, you enter the following as the Site URL:

base URL: 

Note that you DO NOT enter the "http://" at the beginning nor do you put the "/" at the 
end of the entry. ie. -> is not valid.

Your banners can link to pages WITHIN the base URL ONLY. These pages can include subfolders
(subwebs) within the base URL. Therefore, the following are all valid: 

As you can see, all pages begins with 

or the base URL. You can not link your banners to pages outside of your base URL entry.
From the above example, you will not be able to link your banners to 

You cannot use a specific webpage as the base URL ie. one containing the *.html or *.cfm 
webpage etc... The base URL can only be one of two things

1) a root domain ie.  

2) a subfolder within a root domain ie. 

When you upload your banner to our server, you will only be able to link your banners to pages 
WITHIN your base URL. Therefore, if you enter a base URL containing the ".htm" entry in it 

your banners will not link correctly. They will link to pages within only -- this is not possible.

If you choose to have several accounts, you will now be able to do so. What you need to do is 
join multiple times and use a base URL containing different subwebs(subdirectories) within your 
1 domain. Remember to leave the ".htm" webpage and the last "/" out of the entry - only root 
domains and subfolders within root domains. 

ie.  -- is acceptable -- is not acceptable; DO NOT place the "/" at the end of the entry -- is NOT acceptable; only root domain or subfolders

Therefore if you have one domain, you can join multiple times using subwebs within the one domain. 
Below are examples of different URLs that you can enter as your base URL using just one root 
domain, but multiple subfolders:

a) the base URL can only be: a root domain or subfolders within a root domain.

b) do not include the ".htm" page in the base URL entry
eg. -- is acceptable -- is not acceptable

c) make sure the base URL entry does not have the "/" at its end
eg. -- is acceptable -- is not acceptable

d) copy the entire HTML code to every page that your banner is linking to. For eg. if you have a banner linking to 

then you will need to copy the code to the example.htm page. See section 2.

e) when you join, make ABSOLUTELY SURE that the "Site URL" is correct because you will not be able to modify it once you have completed 
the join process. This will be fixed in due time.


The HTML code must go on every page that your banners are linking to. For every banner 
you upload, you can specify different links for each banner. With each different link, 
you will need to add the HTML code to the banner link page. For example, if you have a 
banner linking to 

then the example.htm page must have the code inserted on it. If you specify your banner
to link to a URL that does not include the ".htm" page, then you must put the code on 
the default page of the subweb. For example, you have a banner linking to 

The default page of will be the webpage that appears when 
someone enters in their webbrowser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc...). 
Usually the default page is named default.htm: 

The HTML code that you paste on your site tells our server to rotate banners on your site. 
These banners are from other Banner Exchange clients that have signed up. Each time your 
website displays two banners, you earn 1 credit. When you receive a credit, it enables
your banner (that you upload to our server, see section 3) to be displayed on all 
the other Banner Exchange client's website. For every credit you earn your banner will
be displayed once on another website. The more banner you display on your site, the 
more times your banner will be displayed elsewhere. And as your banner is displayed 
more, your site will get more traffic, thereby letting you earn even more credits. See
the circle developing here? It all depends on the traffic your website starts out with. 
If you do not have credits, your banner will NOT be displayed. Therefore you will need 
to earn credits before your banners are displayed. Once displayed, you will use 1 
credit - this is indicated by the "Credit Used" stats.

The Banner Exchange will dramatically increase the amount of traffic you will receive 
and it is all FREE! Here is a sample code that you will need to add on your website (do
not copy this code, every client will have their own unique code):

<!----- Banner Exchange Code (BANNER) ----->
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="468" 
HEIGHT="60" ISMAP BORDER="0" ALT="World Banner Exchange Banner"></A><BR>
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" WIDTH="1" 
HEIGHT="20" ISMAP BORDER="0" ALT="World Banner Exchange Banner"><IMG 
SRC="" WIDTH="467" 
HEIGHT="20" BORDER="0" ALT="World Banner Exchange Banner"></A></TD></TABLE>
<!----- End Banner Exchange Code ----->

To get your code, log into your member's area and click the "GENERATE HTML" button. Copy 
and paste the entire contents of the resulting HTML code. Using a website editor, with
HTML editing capability, open your website and "paste" the code at the position you want
the Banner Exchange's "rotating" banners to appear. To do a "paste" operation, right-click 
anywhere on the website and select paste. A notable HTML editor is Frontpage 98. It is 
a very user-friendly program and lets you create unique and dynamic websites with the 
greatest of ease. It lets you create and edit websites using the HTML or the "Normal" 
graphical view. In the normal view, you can insert HTML by clicking on the "Insert" menu 
bar, scroll down and select "Front Page Component". A second window will open up letting 
you choose several options. Left click "Insert HTML" once, and press the "OK" button. Now 
paste the HTML code into the window that pops up and press "OK".


To upload your banners (maximum of 3) to our server, follow the steps below:

1. Go to your client's management area at 

2. Log in using:
email - email you entered upon joining 
password - password you entered upon joining 

3. Now click on the "BANNERS" button at the top. 

4. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the "NEW BANNER" button. 

5. Enter the URL that this banner will link to when somebody clicks on it. 
Note: It should already contain the Base URL that you entered upon joining - see section 1 for more details.

6. Once you enter the URL, click the "PROCEED TO UPLOAD" button. 

7. The browse button lets you browse your computer for the banner that you want. You will need 
to have the actual banner image for you to complete this step. If you do not have a banner, 
we offer banner design services for $149.95 per banner. You can visit our corporate site at 

for more details. If you already have your banner image, find it on your harddrive, double 
click the banner file and click the "UPLOAD" button. 

If you have a banner on a website, it is much easier to use the "BROWSE" button to upload your 
banner to our server versus the "RETRIEVE" button. The banner on the website can be easily saved 
to your local drive. Open up a second webbrowser (double click the IE or Netscape icon) and go 
to the webpage with the banner. Now right-click on the banner, select "Save As" and save it on 
your hard drive. Remember the location and the file name of the banner. Now log into your 
member's area and repeat steps 1-7. 

8. Give approximately 48 hours for the Banner Exchange administrator to approve your 
Note: Be certain that you have added the HTML code to the Banner Link page otherwise your banner will be declined - refer to section 2
for more information.


Why a banner will be declined on the Worldprofit Banner Exchange

1. You have not added the HTML code to the page that your banner is linking to. See section 2 for more details.

2. The banner does not meet the specification of 468W x 60H in pixels.

3. The banner is larger 10k in file size. 

4. The URL that the banner is linking to is not "Surfer Friendly" ie. it is pointing to a website of adult nature. 

5. The URL that the banner is linking to does not exist or is spelled incorrectly. 

6. The banner is not in the "gif" or "jpeg" format.

7. You have entered an incorrect base URL. See Section 1 for more details.

The banners you upload to our server MUST follow the above 
guidelines, otherwise they will be declined.