WBX Information

Here is how the Banner Exchange works

A pool of people join the Exchange and submit their website and banners to our server. To their website, they add a short HTML code. This code tells our server that the site is part of the exchange and to rotate the banners on the page. The banners are from the other WBX clients who have uploaded their banner to our server. When the client uploads their banner to our server, they can specify where the banner will link to - this is referred to as the banner link page. Once they have properly uploaded their banner to our server, it will be in the rotation to be displayed on the other WBX client's websites. 

Banners are displayed according to the number of credits that the client has in their account. To obtain credits they must display 2 banners on their page. Once they have 1 credit, their banner will be displayed. With each banner being displayed once, one credit is subtracted from the client's account. Note: to obtain credits, a client will need to add the HTML code to one or more of their webpages.

Banners that are submitted to our server are checked before being approved. We check to see if the link is correct, and to see if the page that the link is referring to is appropriate ie. no adult-content. If the banner is deemed inappropriate, the account is cancelled and the client will notified. Worldprofit reserves the right to cancel any account at anytime.

Upon joining you are able to categorize your site. By categorizing your site, it will prioritize your banners. Your banners will therefore be displayed only on sites of similar category and your site will display only, banners of similar category. As you can guess, this will limit the amount of exposures you will have and limit the amount of traffic needed to really profit from the net. However by categorizing your site, you can target your audience. The choice is yours as to whether you want your site categorized or not.

For more information on how to properly join the Banner Exchange, please visit the online instructions at

http://worldbannerexchange.com/join/banner_exchange.htm - Text
http://www.worldbannerexchange.com/bannerhelp/default.htm - Graphical